Najib Podcast


EPISODE 1 | Current Real Estate Market with John McGrath

A conversation with John McGrath, a highly respected and influential figure in the Australian real estate industry, about how to service and endure the market shift in 2020.

EPISODE 2 | Thriving in a crisis with Geoff Jowett

With the knowledge that shifting mindset is the key to success, Geoff Jowett is the master of unlocking potential.

EPISODE 3 | It's time to change the way we do real estate with Nathan Najib

Our own Nathan Najib discusses why it is time to change the old outdated ways of doing real estate.

EPISODE 4 | What truely is human leadership? with David Graham

David is an experienced coach who empowers individuals and organisations to overcome their inherent limitations so that they can realise their potential

EPISODE 5 | Building a balanced successful life with Phil Harris

Phil Harris is founder of Harris Real Estate, one of Australia’s most dynamic and fastest growing real estate companies.

EPISODE 6 | Developing your Market in an area with Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan is one of the top 50 real estate agents in Australia and shares how he maximised his business by acquiring the market share he desired.

EPISODE 7 | Economic Impact of Covid-19 on real estate with Kelvin Davidson

A conversation with Kelvin Davidson, Senior Property Economist, about the economic impact of Covid-19 on the real estate market.

EPISODE 8 | Screw it, let's do it with Arabella Hooper

Arabella Hooper, the number one female agent in Adelaide, talks about maintaining a work-life balance whilst achieving incredible results.

EPISODE 9 | The Importance of Understanding Yourself and Others with Ramon Utting

Ramon speaks in detail about various personality types and how by understanding each, we can live an outstanding business and personal lives

EPISODE 10 | What it takes to get there with Tom Hector

A conversation with Tom Hector about working hard to achieve your goals

EPISODE 11 | Doing business the right way

EPISODE 12 | Zero to 150 Sales in Five Years with Angelo Nickolas

Nathan Najib discusses growth strategies and success in adversity with Angelo Nickolas.