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What is in store as we enter Autumn 2022?

Little did we think two years ago that this thing called “Covid” would be still impacting our lives in such a vast way two years later.  Similarly, I don’t think anyone could have quite predicted the extent of the effect this would have on the property market, with record house sale prices constantly being broken month on month on month.  

By Nathan Najib

If you're not satisfied with the experience, we'll sell your home for FREE.

Over the past five years, we have served hundreds of people, and 99% of these people are wowed by the way we do business. In fact, a huge part of our business is built on repeat customers and referrals.

Now Najib is ready to serve the whole of Christchurch. We want more people to experience the service they deserve! So it’s time for us to stand up, so you, the people of Christchurch, take notice!   

By Nathan Najib

What is your real estate agent actually doing for their $26,000?

Buying and selling property keeps our economy moving. But, if you ask New Zealanders to rank the most
trustworthy professions, real estate agents do not feature high up the list. For a nation obsessed with real
estate, and an economy dependent on it, this just doesn’t make sense.

By Nathan Najib

Three Reasons a Market Correction is on its Way

As we reach the mid-point of the year, Nathan Najib, founder and Managing Director of Najib Real Estate, discusses the current market and why he forecasts that a market correction will happen in the coming months. 

By Nathan Najib

Why use a price guide on your property listing?

At Najib Real Estate, we know how important it is to include a price guide on the properties we market. So why is this not the 'norm' in the industry - instead of the other way around?

By Nathan Najib

Should and can auctions be banned?

Head of the Reserve Bank, Adrian Orr, recently blamed auctions for the property markets sharp increase and encouraged buyers not to partake with this selling method. With all the coverage on this conversation, we thought that it was time clarity was brought to the situation.

By Nathan Najib

Your second most important investment

Whether you are interested in purchasing your first investment property, or already on your sixth, it's essential to think long term and safeguard your investments.

By Sha Jega

First time selling? What you need to know

Are you a first time seller? Or sold your last house years ago?

I share my unfiltered answers on some of the common question’s sellers find themselves asking.

Which method of sale gets the best results? With the current market so active, do I really need to invest in marketing? Why should I list with one agent when I could list with multiple? Where do I even start, when looking for an agent?

By Nathan Najib

Nathan Najib's thoughts and forecasts for 2021

Nathan predicts market changes in the upcoming year, taking into account the five variables of the average sale price, number of annual sales, supply of inventory, interest rate fluctuations and market affordability.

By Nathan Najib

Have you heard of the new build exemption?

Sha discusses the new build exemption and deposit requirements for investors, finding that many may be closer to the deposit on an investment property than they first thought.

By Sha Jega

Your Investment Strategy

What is your investment strategy? Are you focused on long term capital gain or short term yield? We discuss your options in relation to the Christchurch property market.

By Sha Jega

Real Advice - Price Guides

Price is one of the most important components when it comes to selling a house, which is why we employ price guides. Find out the significance of price guides and why you can't afford not to use them, in this months blog.

By Nathan Najib