It's Not a Coincidence

What is the secret to selling homes in todays market, and how do you maximise the value of your property?

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Slow Real Estate Market?

In a slower market, how can you use this time to your advantage?

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Raising over $170,000, RISE2019 was a direct response to aid the families of the recent Christchurch mosque shooting.

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Six Unshakeable Codes of Real Estate

By Nathan Najib

Murphy’s Law, The Secret, Laws of Gravity, Attraction, Thermodynamics, and the Law of Conservation of Energy.. What do these all have in common? They are immutable laws meant for us to understand the secrets behind life’s uncontrollable forces. With this said, there must also be a code governing how the real estate industry works? There sure is!

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Happy Holidays

Thank you from our entire team!

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Auction vs Deadline

Nathan discusses a very common question in every sellers mind: “Will an Auction or Deadline Sale work best for my property?”

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The Agent of the Future

Should we be concerned about real estate agents being cut out of the sales process?

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Welcome to the new Najib Head Office!

Our new office is up and running and we can't wait to share it with you.

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Morning Rituals

Before you can help others, you must first get yourself right.

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Price Guides

I believe anyone not including a price guide on their listings is doing their vendors a disservice and driving buyers crazy!

Let me explain...

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