Selling Your House Off-Market


If you would prefer to sell your home off-market, then a private exclusive listing with Najib may be a great option for you. There is a growing trend in this type of listing as some vendors prefer to sell their property without advertising directly to the public. Instead, your property is showcased to our extensive database of clients wishing to purchase a home similar to yours.  This generally results in the saving of both time and money, but still with the best outcome possible for the sale.

Maximise your sale price

By specifically matching potential buyers for your property from the Najib database, your property is exclusively marketed, without being publicly advertised.  Often this results in a higher selling price as it creates a competitive scenario where buyers rush to secure the property before it goes live on the open market.  ­­
If the property does not sell during the Off-Market period, then with the feedback provided, we can more accurately gauge where your property sits in terms of price in the current market.  If you are happy with this price, you then have the option to take your listing “Live” with a realistic price guide for the purchasers and a realistic expectation for our sellers.

Private and confidential

Utilising our Najib database enables us to aim for the ultimate result without public advertising and associated costs.  We always strive for a premium outcome where the seller experiences a no-stress sale, and the buyer secures the house of their choice exclusively.

How it works

We follow the following steps to ensure the best off-market sales outcome:

  • Once your property is listed with us off-market, our in house photographer will photograph and video your home.  
  • Your property will discretely appear under the “Off-Market Sales” tab on the Najib website.  (No other online marketing platforms will be used.)

  • We will compile a professional online information pack to email to our exclusive buyers list, specifically targeted for your property.
  • Your Najib Agent will follow up with each of the potential buyers, and arrange private in-home viewings for those that are interested.
  • Following every viewing, the Agent will contact the potential buyer, and feedback will be collected and collated.  Shortly after, this will be available for you to view on your own private online portal.   

  • You will receive regular contact from your Agent, keeping you up-to-date with the progress at all times – like with any listing we have.

  • If your property does not sell off-market, then we have the option of going to the public market.  The feedback from the potential buyer viewings will help set a realistic guide price.  Your Agent will recommend what marketing strategies to move forward with into the Live market, and will advise you on the recommended method of sale.