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Najib Partners With Selwyn Sports Trust - Press Release

As the Managing Director of Najib Real Estate, I'm proud to announce our sponsorship of the Selwyn Sports Trust's iBike program. Our commitment reflects our belief in supporting initiatives that directly benefit our community. 

Press Release

Following the successful launch of the Selwyn Sports Trusts’ iBike programme in March 2023, two community focused sponsors have jumped onboard and become dual naming rights partners of the programme for the coming year.

Local Real Estate company Najib Real Estate and Southbridge-based vegetable producer, Oakley’s, have combined to support the continued delivery and growth of the programme.

Najib Real Estate know the importance of supporting programmes and community organisations that are making a real difference in the community and this was a key factor in their decision to partner with the Selwyn Sports Trust.

“We know how hard community organistions work for the betterment of the community and we also know how hard it can be to raise funds for programmes and events which are for the greater good, so we saw the opportunity to partner alongside Oakley’s, and support the Selwyn Sports Trust. Commented Managing Director, Nathan Najib, 

“We have already started discussions with the Trust to see how we can provide additional benefits back to the community over and above our sponsorship. One idea we are really excited about is the establishment of a bike fund to help those families who might not be in a position to purchase a bike, so we’ll be working with the Trust on how to deliver this support in 2024” Added Nathan.

Oakley’s, who are based near Southbridge in Selwyn, saw the difference the programme was making in the 30 schools across the region and wanted to ensure that the programme goes from strength to strength.

“The decision to support this programme is a no-brainer from Oakley’s perspective, as we see the huge benefits of getting young people on bikes in a safe way that will build their confidence” commented Oakley’s CEO Robin Oakley.

“As a local Selwyn business growing produce, health and wellbeing is a huge focus for us, and knowing that young people will get support to learn to ride safely, and be active at the same time, is so important to their development” added Oakley.

The iBike Programme was piloted in 2022 with support from the Selwyn District Council, and the programme was officially launched at Southbridge School in March 2023. iBike is led by Sarah McClure, a New Zealand carded triathlete, who is the perfect role model for all the tamariki involved.

“We’re now delivering into all 30 primary schools within Selwyn, and we are also planning to deliver into the year 8 age groups at both Ellesmere College and Darfield High School next year” commented McClure. “It’s amazing to see the change in confidence and capability of these young people as we take them through the programme at their schools. Every school in Selwyn has been so supportive of our mahi, and we look forward to growing our delivery in 2024” added McClure.

The Selwyn Sport Trust is currently working with the Selwyn District Council to expand the programme in 2024 by adding Grade 2 delivery alongside the current Grade 1 programme. Grade 2 is focused on road safety and getting young people on their bikes and on the roads, so they can learn about the road rules, navigating road signs and traffic, and making safe decisions about where to bike.

“The opportunity to deliver Grade 2 is a huge step forward for the iBike Programme, as it creates the real-life opportunity for young people to get on their bikes with confidence and bike to school in the morning, or just head to the park in the weekend with their friends, so we can’t wait to make this happen” added McClure. 

Selwyn Sports Trust Operations Manager, Mitch Prendergast, commented that the success of the programme comes down to the support of the community and the amazing delivery team.

“The Selwyn Sports Trust is a non-profit charity whose sole focus is getting the community active. We simply can’t do this mahi without the support of partners like Robin Oakley and Nathan Najib who believe in supporting the local community, and the commitment of our wonderful staff” Commented Prendergast

“There is a really great value alignment between the three organisations and we look forward to building on our partnership with Oakley’s and Najib Real Estate over the coming twelve months” Added Prendergast

The iBike Programme has delivered over 400 sessions in Selwyn primary schools during the four terms of the 2023 calendar year. With the extension of the Programme to Grade 2 next year and the additional delivery into Ellesmere College and Darfield High School, the number of sessions is set to double to over 800.


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