Renee Young

Sales Support

Renee is one of our committed professionals and mother of two, currently navigating the intricacies of Real Estate studies. Having joined Najib  as part of our Sales Support team, she's discovered a genuine passion for her role, finding fulfilment in the client relationships she has built. Renee approaches her work with a balanced mix of rigour and hands-on experience, making her a valuable contributor to the team here at Najib.

Beyond her studies and professional endeavours, Renee takes pride in fostering strong connections with clients. Whether guiding first home buyers through the process or assisting seasoned investors in their property ventures, she values the human aspect of real estate.This dedication to client relationships extends beyond transactions, as Renee prioritises clear communication and understanding, ensuring a smooth and personalised experience for every individual she works with. Her approach is characterised by a unique blend of warmth and professionalism, making every interaction with clients not just a transaction, but a relationship built on transparency and integrity.


m021 701 308

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