George Simpson

Operations Manager

Having begun work with Najib at the beginning of 2023 as our Marketing Copywriter, George has since come on board full-time, and has taken on various roles in a number of different divisions of the business. Born in London and having lived across the world, George has a wide range of skills and experience to bring to the table, coming from a background in sales, customer service, and hospitality.

He is incredibly excited to further build on these skills, and pick up on new ones. George is proud to be a part of a business that values customer satisfaction and communication so highly, and is looking forward to further being able to assist in the growth of client relationships and of the organisation, in any role that he may take on. He also is grateful for the self-improvement aspect of a role such as this, and values the client relationships that he has the privilege of building. Feel free to get in touch with George at any time with any enquiries that you may have.


m021 593 882

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