Jordan has been living in New Zealand for four years and can proudly say it is his new home.

6 Years in the British Army has given Jordan a “be the best at what you do” attitude and a strong discipline to achieve his goals every day.  At 19 years of age, Jordan went to Northern Ireland to work along side the NI Police, working in small teams in the search and disposal of dangerous munitions. At the age of 21 Jordan deployed to Afghanistan working in a bomb disposal unit. His experiences taught him how to keep calm under pressure and the value of seeing the positives in any situation.

He knows the importance of surrounding yourself with a strong team who work with each other to achieve the best results.  At Najib he knew he was in the right place by witnessing the strong set of core values displayed each day from individuals and as a company.

Always looking for his next challenge he was happy to be a part of Najib’s mission, to provide a high-quality personalised service and to bring a fresh and progressive approach to the Christchurch property market.

Jordan’s calm and approachable manner are what help with his passion of working alongside people, to help deliver the results they are looking for, in their daily life, or in the real estate industry.


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