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A decade ago, Nathan Najib had a vision to create the most people-focused real estate agency on earth. After having spent over 10 years working in the real estate industry, Nathan saw the need for a fresh and progressive approach to the Christchurch property market. At Najib, our philosophy is simple: “The client always comes first.” We treat people well, we build long lasting relationships, and we keep the process and simple and transparent as possible. We provide an excellent experience that keeps clients coming back.

At Najib Real Estate, we constantly strive to build a unique, contemporary, and innovative agency. One that takes the best of traditional methods, and teams these with the latest innovative technologies to get the best possible results for our clients. 


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What our clients say

Pennie Little

Pennie Little

Dean Harrison

Dean Harrison

Andrea and Lloyd

Andrea and Lloyd

James Emery

James Emery

Our knowledge of selling homes is our real difference, and it’s why people choose time and time again to sell with Najib Real Estate.


Our Open Homes

Negotiations begin long before people first set foot in your home. Our database identifies the most interested parties, allowing us to investigate their budget and needs. We never let an opportunity pass us by, making sure we have consistent follow-up and feedback.

Our Insight

Our focus is on being the best, not the biggest. This mind set allows us to know people, properties and the community like no other. Our unique approach gives you higher prices and shorter days on the market.

Our Network

We put our database to work for you. It allows us to communicate with potential buyers in a timely and targeted manner. This helps us work out exactly what they’re looking for and how your house might be the right fit for them.

Our Marketing

Listing with us guarantees your property is advertised in the right way for your home. Our marketing is designed to talk directly to buyers and tenants. This allows us to find the perfect buyer and the perfect fit.

Our People

Selling homes is all about building relationships. Our people create trust with your buyer, ensuring peace of mind for you, and certainty for them. This culminates in a smooth transition and settlement period for every party involved.

Our Pricing Strategy

Nothing encourages buyers to view a home more than knowing it’s in their budget. When there’s a lot of buyers at an open home it feels busy, it feels like you need to put in a good offer or strong bid to buy the home. In essence price guides create competition and competition sells homes for record prices.